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We flipped the script of the Covid-19 challenges and turned them into something great.

The Creators Challenge was brewed in the of summer 2020 to help consumers who were struggling during this time to showcase their talent and level up creatively via our online platforms.

The Challenge invited creatives to produce a unique piece of work with the Red Stripe brand as the main focus in whatever format: 2D, 3D, Illustration, Photography.

As a reward for the dedication, hard work and creativity the winner was offered the opportunity to work with the Red Stripe marketing team along with a cash prize and worldwide recognition.

The results from the challenge were overwhelming and surpassed the expectations of the Red Stripe team.
Not only did we get the chance to see all amazing work produced but it also gave us the opportunity to meet talented Creators such as Anthonia Atkinson; one of the participants who also partnered with us to be the voice of this video.


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